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2 Blue eyed girls

Some years ago your 'favourite writer' (hmm') did not have an enjoyable New Years' eve.

He lay in hospital which is not the place that you would put under your favourites.

The nights last so f'.ng long and you feel so dependent that every human should have experienced such a thing I sometimes think.

He would learn to count his blessings and respect and admire those girls that work there.

They are under paid, do marvellous work, but' unfortunately there are exceptions I found.



Next to me lay an 88 year old man.

He looked like a real good man, which could not be said about the nurse that was on duty.

She was one of those exceptions.

I will never forget that skinny face, black hair and hard blue eyes that seemed able to kill and a tongue that COULD kill.

'May I have some water?' the old man asked.

The bitch looked at him disgustingly.

'I have no time' she said, adding 'I will be back in an hour'.

Of course she might have been busy but that was no reason to be so unfriendly.

I myself gave the old man some water and he took his pill.

I little bit later the bitch turned up again.

So she did have emotions I thought.

'Here is your water' she said to the old man.

'It is ok sister' he reacted and lay down on one side and closed his eyes.

'What?' the bitch cried out, 'do you let me come for no reason?'

A tear rolled from his closed eyes, but she did not seem to notice.

She sneered at me 'is there anything I should do for you?'

'No thanks' I said, longing for a pain killer.

She slammed the door and the night fell. 



Some time later the door opened again.

I pretended to sleep since the last thing that I wanted to see was the face of that ugly bitch, but I could not resist the temptation to sneakily open my eyes.

Then I saw it was not her but one of her colleagues.

She had also black hair and blue eyes but warm and sweet eyes that were understanding.

For some moments she looked at both of us and then she left smiling friendly and softly she closed the door.

Suddenly I felt less pain and shook my body the way dogs use to do when they feel good.

Furthermore she could not help black hair is out dated.

In the past this was different, then even a hair shampoo ('Swarzkopf') was named after it.

Look at the TV and see yourself.

Nearly all females, varying from newsreaders to singers have fair hair and are well shaped.

Occasionally you some that are not well shaped but that is not their fault, they were born like that.

The second girl showed up again.

'Are you from Holland?' she asked.

I nodded and apologised, since I know how foreigners think about the way we deal with drugs.

Our government invests millions to get addicts back on track including free holidays but for homes for elderly no money is available, which you can see in recreation rooms over there.

I do not know about places that are gloomier.

'Put all aged people in jail and they will have a better life than they have now' I sometimes think. In jail they can watch TV, play billiards and get a shower.

I fell half asleep again till I felt a warm hand on my forehead.

It was the second girl again.

'No fever' she said reassuringly and now I really fell asleep.

People can mean so much when you are dependant.



Pigeons also depend (on the fancier) and it seems as if they are aware of that.

And I can tell you that the way you treat them has a big impact on their behaviour.

From the moment you wean them you should be hard but treat them with love and respect at the same time.

Those who just throw some feed in the loft twice a day are not good handlers.

If your birds get attention and respect and you handle them with care they will get attached to you, with the result that they will not easily get lost and get into good shape.



If you study the way champions in young bird racing treat their birds you know what I mean. The fact that few of them have a full time job but are home in the day time or have a wife that takes care of the birds is food for thought.

For pigeons the fancier must be a welcome guest when he enters the loft, just like the second blue eyed nurse was for her patients.

When she came in I did not start cooing but my pigeons sometimes do when they see me or they fly on my shoulder.

If birds have no trust they want to get out the moment you enter.

You can compare this with that first blue eyed nurse. She was one reason for me to get out  of there.

Care, trust, trapping are all linked together.

Klak once watched the home coming of my babies from National Orleans,

I had won all provincial races before, I was the favourite to win (which I did not) but Klak had the time of his life.

He saw that on home coming the birds the birds trapped like hell, as if they attacked the loft.



This was no surprise for me, on the contrary.

It was me who made them trap fast.

Only one pigeon hesitated but seeing me was reason for it to hurry in.

One of the things I do to get birds that trust me is enter the lofts late in the evening. Then every baby gets some attention, I stroke them on their heads, I let them 'fight' with my hands and I always have a sweet ready for them.

Believe me, the birds will pay back later by winning time on home coming from a race.

People who have birds that not trap grab them roughly or chase them.

If you are in a hurry or nervous you better stay away from them, since I know how most fanciers are.

If they fail to grab a bird they try again and that second try is mostly more hard-handed.

You are a good handler if you can grab your birds with ONE hand only.

Also fanciers that handle a bird make unforgivable mistakes when they release it.

They just drop it and do not realise what efforts it must do to land safely on both feet.

What you should do when you let a bird free is calmly open your hand at the same height as their box or perch.



When I visit fellow sportsmen I can sometimes hear where they are; in the loft.

There I can hear birds fly nervously around or even against a window and amidst lots of feathers is a cursing fancier.

But he is certainly not a champion and he will never be one.

Furthermore it does not take champions a long time to find a bird since they know where they are, even in the dark.

So those people that say they had bad luck when their birds do not trap well are wrong.

That is seldom bad luck.

When I am biking in the area around that hospital I make a detour. I do not want to be there and I do not even want to see the place for several reasons.

One of them you know now.

If birds do not hurry in after a race this has a reason as well.

It is not a blue eyed girl but you.