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Release stations

Both in Holland and Belgium fanciers race from South West directions.

Understandably with Eastern winds the fanciers that live West are better located and vice versa.

Generally speaking the fanciers who live most south west will perform better with headwinds, while the greatest distances are better located with tailwinds since normally the wind will increase during the day.

In the map below you find the most important release stations which may be handy.

Both in the Far East and in America some sellers claim to have a National winner from a station in Belgium or the north of France which is absolutely impossible of course.

One should also know that pretty many fanciers who live in the middle of Belgiumonly race from Quievrain; a little village close to the French border.

That means for their birds a distance of 70 kilometres or less.

It is indeed unbelievable that some Belgians never ever raced their birds from 100 kilometres or more.