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Warning and advice

I completely agree with Dr W P,  a scientist from S A

See what he writes below.

Too bad many fanciers do not realise what they are doing with all those medicine.

In many cases they do not know the sickness nor the medicine.

But nevertheless they administer it, hoping to turn their birds into winners. 


Dr W P from  S A

Pigeon racing should be a relaxing pastime.  The competition in most countries has, however, become so fierce and the lure of big money for important winners so enticing that every effort is made to ensure success.  Commerce has spotted this hunger for winning and has responded by producing hundreds of remedies, pills and potions.  To say that the huge array of preparations is confusing to the fancier, would be putting it mildly.  The purchase of these products is not necessary for success and success is most definitely not guaranteed if these preparations are given.  The right (read good!) pigeons, effective management, an efficient loft and lots of roadwork, as well tenaciously sticking to the guiding principle of KISS ' Keep It Simple Sam ' will see the desired results.  I wish you luck.