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Good to know part 1

Sometimes people have questions that should really not be questions at all but obvious things that you ought to know as a pigeon fancier. People have no idea how easy it sometimes is to solve a problem. I"m going to list some things that could be of help.

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Loft report on National victory

It doesn"t happen often that the master is not surprised when one of his pigeons wins a 1st provincial or zonal. But that was really the case on Saturday with the race from Argenton. Ad Schaerlaeckens had predicted the victory to friends, and had even hinted at it on his website.

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Definitely wrong

In the pigeon sport, nobody can guarantee success; vets can"t, writers can"t and the papers can"t, people with money can"t, and even the greatest champions can"t.

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Continue achieving good results

It is specially novice fanciers that are often confused by the many contradictions that they read or hear. Take for instance the showing of the hen before the departure of the widowers.

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Like an exclamation mark

The pigeon sport has many beautiful moments, but sometimes you must also be able to bear the things that don"t go right.

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In conversation with Albert Derwa

The man that we propose to you now is not a Belgian star but a world star.

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Obviously not

"Do some fanciers achieve such good results because they do everything so much better, and do others not achieve much because they make so many mistakes?"

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For free

"I really do not understand" is what both L from Taiwan and L from China said. I know both of them and they have some things in common:

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This is article number 3,000. Not of the criminal law, not of this book, but by me. Sometimes I ask myself why I am compelled to write these articles.

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Soon ripe soon rotten?

Every fancier has his own way of keeping pigeons.

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A little bit of respect

Just when I was wondering what to write next, something interesting enough to captivate the readers, Karel knocked at my door. Karel is one of the persons responsible for releases, and he was showing the strain of it. He really looked upset.

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Indurain and the old man

"Would I select his pigeons for him?", he had asked me in a polite letter. He was "still a simple man of the old fashioned ways", and according to him a lot had changed in the pigeon sport.

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And again appearances are...

Did you read "Appearances are deceptive?" the article I wrote May 3rd? And did you read what I wrote about "brothers B?"

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Good to know part 3

Most fanciers darken from 6 pm until 9 am, but because not everyone is home at these times the question is asked if there is another method. There is.

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Good to know part 2

Sometimes you want to move eggs under pumpers and that gives a small problem. The dates have to correspond.

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