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Start or restart?

Like other years the champions were celebrated past winter. And like other years they were mostly the same that climbed the podiums again. The conclusion is that the same fanciers as well failed to be successful.

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Soccer and pigeons

I guess few of you know about RKC? That is nothing to be ashamed about. Those letters stand for a football team in the village of Waalwijk Netherlands. They play at the highest level, which means that the top teams come to visit.

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His way

When I write this the new racing season will start pretty soon and fanciers wonder how it will be. For many this is simple: This much depends on how good the yearlings are. In most lofts two third of the racers are yearlings.

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A conversation with B v Oeckel

Belgian Bart van Oeckel made it to the top in no more than a decade. A winning mentality and a smart set of "pigeon brains " brought him this far. Furthermore he is a man with a message. I had a nice chat with him.

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A fan? Hmmm

A collegae who also writes in a pigeon magazine complained about all the hate mails that he gets. Though I never beat about the bush it never caused me problems. The mails that I get are mostly serious and sometimes different.

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My idea

I always frown when people tell me they have so many friends. I myself have just a few. But those are good friends. And is not that what matters? One of those good friends is Omar from the Middle East.

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Breed and name

Many pigeon fanciers are unbelievable when it comes to breed and names.

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To each own

When I heard about a club that was actually GROWING in members, it gave me a warm feeling inside. I have the same feeling when I still see one loft built against the other, or when I see someone with his basket along the roadside.

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Mistakes by novices

It is kind of funny that in pigeon sport it is the champions, of all people, who claim they know little about pigeons.

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More good birds?

Vandenabeele practises A I. That is to say, at his pigeons. A I stands for Artificial Insemination. A lot of work, but it pays well.

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How is Leo Heremans doing?

Thursday, November 28. Outside its damp, dreary, drizzly weather. Inside it is pleasantly warm. At least at Leo Heremans where I sit on the chair I always sit.

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Remarkable in 2013

2013? Hmm. A year that should be forgotten as soon as possible" people say. But dont they say so every year? Every year there are many losers and few winners.

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Many ways

Many ways. In the weekly pigeon magazines from Holland and Belgium you read the latest news, race results, loft reports and of course there are the ads.

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Willem de Bruijn 3

Many books have been written about pigeon sport. And many fanciers are eager to tell you what you should do to win. But unfortunately most of these that advise others are less than average racers themselves. Should they be the teachers?

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Willem de Bruijn 2

In the previous edition I described how W de Bruijn, the super star from Holland, built up his family of birds.

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