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Willem de Bruijn 1

In 2000 the National pigeon magazine NPO asked their readers who they found the best racer of Holland. I remember this so well because after the votes were counted I found myself at the 3rd place of the nation.

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Alone in the world

After extensive detective work I had finally tracked him down: Guy van Ostade, the celebrity of bygone days, renowned into the farthest corners in the world of pigeon racing.

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The base

If you make sure it is right at the base the rest will follow automatically as people say. Americans refer to the family, that should be the base of society. For football it is the defense.

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Boy oh boy

In the spring he had asked if he could come: The middle man along with a foreigner who wanted to buy pigeons, six total. And he asked me if I could keep 10 back.

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Appearances may be deceptive

I do not know how many times I said to my wife: "I might as well quit this sport." This was always in winter. And always after I had handled pigeons at fellow fanciers. The reason is that they were so much more beautiful than mine.

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That is the way

Some things in life I really cannot stand. Waiting for example. I hate to wait in a traffic jam and I hate to wait at the doctor. I cannot stand people who drive o so slowly on the left lane and I cannot stand kiss dances.

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Business and pigeons

It was in April that I got a mail from Mr Claus from Denmark. He had seen a bird for sale on pipa from M de Cock with the band B-12-4313903. He studied the eyes of this bird for sale as well as the eyes of its parents.

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My idea

The reporter of a foreign pigeon magazine wanted to know my opinion about a number of things. The point was that there were so many misunderstandings in his country he said. Therefore he would like to publish my thoughts.

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Paper birds

Needless to say how much the internet has changed the world. And pigeon sport as well. Life without the web is unthinkable today but it also has its disadvantages. Again also in pigeon sport.

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The only certainty

In the pigeon magazine of April 3rd were some interesting loft reports. Reports about real champions. Many would also like to play as well as they and knowing that there is more than just good pigeons this may lead people into the temptation to imitate those champions.

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It adds up

In the Dutch National pigeon magazine of this week was a report on Mr Pietersma. He got this publicity because he became NATIONAL champion short distance in 2012. He did it with my birds.

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I always remember

It was back in 1974 that I wrote my first article about pigeons. I was still very young and had no money. But the lust for good pigeons and the wish to learn about this sport I already had.

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This is a true story, dear reader. Or nearly true. Only the names of the protagonists, Martens and Peter are fictitious. Read and you will understand why!

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All for the money

Though money does not bring real happiness it is important. But the bad thing about money is that some do whatever it takes to make money. "Money takes evil out of man" I sometimes think. It is just sickening to see what people sometimes do for money.

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Common sense

Now that I am writing this it is the middle of February. An Eastern middle man had called if he might come to my place and if I was willing to put some birds in the aviary and ship them for him.

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