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Articles 2022 (English)

Pigeons with a story (25-07-22)

I remember as if it were yesterday when I first stood on the doorstep of Cor Leytens. I had with me a bag of broken corncobs, given to me by a Belgian, who used them as a ‘bottom cover’

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To each own (25-07-22)

Three times I went to a pigeon day in Germany. Not so much because of the pigeons, but to get out. No telephone, no emails, no newspaper: a relief. But Germany is different. .

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Fooled and be fooled (05-05-22)

When money is at stake, as has been the case in pigeon sport for a quarter of a century by selling, people become more and more resourceful.

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New Hope (07-04-22)

I have been racing pigeons for many years. And let it be a traditional sport, I have unlearned, learned, discovered and bumped my head

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Heard and read (04-04-22)

When you get older, 'regularly win prizes' and write articles, you soon become suspicious of knowing something about pigeons

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Lots of contradictions (31-03-22)

Whether I am serious when I make fun of names for pigeon food and question terms such as 'moulting', 'purification', 'breeding' and so on

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eggs and stuff (19-03-22)

Without an egg no young pigeon and without a young pigeon no future champion.

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David and... (16-03-22)

In my teenage years I had three passions: Football, pigeons and 'wanting to be the best'. I initially thought I would make it as a football player because of being the best in various school teams, but that illusion was short-lived.  

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I still remember (10-03-22)

"Now that all that corona misery is over, I want to get out," Silviu said. Here's another one, I reacted

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2021 (28-02-22)

How people longed for the end of autumn 2020. They were so fed up with that Corona that many hoped for once that time rushed.

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What really helps (21-02-22)

I was by far the youngest bar runner in my hometown. At least on Sundays when pigeons were raced.

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Street dogs and pure bred dogs (18-02-22)

You have to compliment the Chinese on 'their' Olympics. It is a pity that there is no audience, but the participants are very enthusiastic about the organization.

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Still possible (03-02-22)

Neighbor E S asked me which wine I liked the most. I didn't understand well. What turned out?

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The name (24-01-2022)

A fellow sportsman who needed money had offered some pigeons to a broker from Taiwan. Pigeons that had flown fantastically.

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No charisma? (15-01-22)

Pigeon fanciers are not among the most gullible people on this planet, I sometimes wonder.

Because in their drive for success, some seem to bite into everything like hungry fish.

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