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Still possible (03-02-22)

Neighbor E S asked me which wine I liked the most. I didn't understand well. What turned out? He had to get me some wine from a Romanian living in Canada. Out of gratitude. Because I pointed out to him that you could still get good pigeons for REASONABLE PRICES. Pigeons that were often better than many expensive 'paper tigers'.


I often receive emails from foreigners who are grateful to me for things like this. As I often receive emails from people who complain that pigeons of good origin in the Netherlands and Belgium have become unaffordable.

That is not true. Cunning propaganda has made some types of pigeons unaffordable! And those exceptional prices have little to do with quality.

For a lot of money you have a better car than for little money.

An expensive house will be nicer and better than a cheap house.

But this logic does not apply to pigeon sport.

There are plenty of fanciers who receive little publicity and who have pigeons that are just as good or even better than many big names. The difference is the price. Granted, money is easy. You can buy a nice dog for that. But not the wagging of his tail.


With some big names you can no longer go for a youngster under 750 euros. It is their right to ask for such amounts. But the question is whether you should be with those big names.

Of course it is not easy for pigeon fanciers from, say, China or Dubai to find those rather unknown fanciers with their good pigeons. But they could ask a good and reliable contact here for advice. And there is always the internet!