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Fooled (01-11-23)


I got another e-mail from a Romanian who feels hugely caught by a Dutchman. A few years ago, fans from there were very impressed by a video of the Dutchman showing off with 'fantastic' Aardens. 
But... ‘Then (his words) you had to have them with white nails.’ They are quite rare, but he had them and you could buy them from him. 

It just didn't stop. In that video he kept insisting on the quality of those pigeons, provided they had those white nails.
The Romanians were deeply impressed, bought pigeons with white nails from the Dutchman in question, but as soon as they received the pigeons there was already the first disappointment.
They had never seen such rubbish before.  But there were more ugly good ones so they gave it a try. Now those fanciers with their white-toed pigeons are a few years further. They used to be able to win a simple prize before, but with these birds they don't get the results at all.

What they call the Dutchman (who claims that they know all over the world how good his pigeons are), I will not tell.
Of course, a person can have bad luck with purchased pigeons. Even the best pigeons also give rubbish, but bragging about 'those white toeed pigeons?' That's called exploiting the naivety of well-meaning ignorant people, especially beginners. I have one word for it: Disgusting.