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Frozen drinking water (30-11-23)


Frozen drinking water

Bart B is one of those people who live in an apartment with the pigeons about three kilometers away. He doesn't mind at all, usually even takes the bike. Such a trip pleases him, especially with such frieze weather as now.
Bart said. What's annoying? Frozen drinking water. And soon that could be the case again. If you can slow that down a bit. Even if it's just a few degrees.

You can certainly do that without much effort.  But first about something you are definitely not allowed to do and is still being done: Salt in the drinking water. You do indeed gain a few degrees, but it is very bad for pigeons. Small birds can even die from it.


-If you have a wooden loft, place the drinking trough in a corner as far away from glass as possible. Or...

 -Make a kind of box from pieces of tempex with glue. So big that a drinking trough can just fit in and the pigeons can reach it. It really makes a difference. The smaller such a sheath the better.

-Placing the drinking bowl under a slanted wooden board already helps.

 -What may make a difference as well? Place a little plastic bottle filled with some salt water in the drinking bench. Or one or two ping pong balls. As long as it floats and the water surface moves slightly. People who live near a stream or canal can tell you what a difference it makes when the water surface is a bit in motion.

You also have those fighters, cocks that can make you feel a lot of grumpiness. Because of broken heads, pens, eggs and little babies.
W d Bruijn has an excellent remedy to make such nefarious cocks sing a lower tune. A clip ring on both legs and connect it with an elastic band. It restricts their freedom of movement and they will think twice before flying again in a box that is not theirs.