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Good intentions (14-01-23)


Good intentions.

New Year.
At the time, I had resolved not to be annoyed by anything. But no matter how good the intention was, I must humbly confess that I did not keep it up.  In fact, I came to the conclusion that a person simply has the right to be annoyed. But that should not take too long. Bad for your health!

I am increasingly annoyed by these 'bicycle terrorists'.  That cycling is becoming a national craziness. Normally you don't see anything special about most of them but barely have they put on such a miraculous suit or all reasonableness seems to have disappeared.  They put themselves on the saddle, curve the back and phew, you don't see them anymore.
The mind at zero and the view of infinity they race on. Once, when I was relaxing along the road with my basket of pigeons, such a string of addicts almost caused me a heart attack. The main thing that these maniacs achieve is to scare old people and small children.
Strangely enough, you rarely see such a specimen of fellow human beings alone. As if shying away from loneliness, they usually operate in swarms, chased by a broom wagon. Those demons, some balding, gray and with bellies that pass you by like a whirlwind, are for me the clowns of our time.

Just now there was a 'pigeon movie' on TV. Thank God it was broadcast very late because it was a monstrosity and absolutely no promotion for the sport. In the end, some 'big ones' and 'supposedly big ones' complained that there is so much jealousy among pigeon fanciers.
There's some truth in it. Because you often hear the word 'but' when someone rises above the rest.
 -But... his location is so much better.
- But... he also plays with a lot of pigeons.
-But... a veterinarian often comes over.
-But... he also has poor competition.
-But... he sits in his loft all day.   And so many more ‘buts’. Not to mention the gossip.

Gossiping is not a desire for sensation, that is a misunderstanding, although widespread. Gossip happens in an attempt to de-alarm: to shake the champion. The truth is of no importance here. Whoever tells the truth is not a gossip but a historian. Gossip is also not an evil desire for slander, although many believe so.  The gossiper gossips out of self-preservation!
He wants to level! Gossip is a camouflage of feelings of inferiority. Gossip must lift the gossiper out of the deep pit of powerlessness in which he finds himself and in which, he thinks, he has ended up by the one about whom he is gossiping! Because pay attention, the gossip never focuses on the lesser!
- People do not gossip about the fancier who faithfully baskets pigeons every week and barely wins a prize, but about the champion.
- People do not gossip about the homeless person, but about the multi-millionaire.
- One does not gossip about the disabled. But about the star footballer!
So think of it as a form of defense that has a beneficial effect on the gossiper's feelings of inferiority. If one has nothing to fear from someone, there is also no need to cut out the legs under his chair.  Are you being gossiped about? Don't get annoyed, see it more as a compliment. You have achieved something! Gossip you have, as it were,  to deserve!

What else causes my annoyance?  - People who lie. In the past you could still get rid of those bags under the eyes by saying 'watching billiards on TV' but since there is so much eroticism on the tube, nobody buys that anymore.
- I also get the jitters from truckers who can't pass each other on a two-lane road with a string of cars behind them and a huge void in front of them.
 - I can't stand birds that become extinct, glaciers that are melting, streams in which there are no more fish but smelly brown water, rainforest that is being cut down.
-I get grumpy when I think of past bike rides through the woods. If you then clapped your hands, the rabbits stewed in all directions. They even came to our yards. How many years would it have been since I saw a rabbit? Dozens!

I am annoyed by certain headlines above certain advertisements and by titles above articles. Because of often so misleading. For example, someone once blushingly showed me a book he had bought in England. It was titled 'Fun in bed'. It's been a long time, before the sexual revolution and the ovens in hell were still running at full speed.  'Fun', especially in bed? Beware! That meant burning.
But not for the buyer of "Fun in bed". Because who sketches his surprise when he opened the book. The content consisted of crosswords for the long-term sick.      

- Some advertisers also horrify. Exploiters of holes in the market who suggest and even publish harshly that performance will follow as long as you buy their products or follow their schedule.  When you see what kind of junk they are promoting, the question arises as to what a person with normal mental abilities would think when he reads such shit.
Do you know how I feel about it?
Those ads are not for the champions, they know better, but for the losers.  These advertisers are targeting their money. Fanciers who play badly are the prey they prey on.  So better think before you buy that junk?
Hmm. Some are too lazy, too tired or too stupid for that. 
- I can't stand bad trappers, although that is often my own fault.
- I am angry with myself when pigeons are lost from the roof, because it is often my own fault as well. When young one should not let them out for an hour or so but for hourS.

I'm through it. Have been able to write off a lot of me and that relieves.  Because if something annoys me nowadays, I no longer lie awake, but I take the pen and then ... it's over!


Where have my hair been?