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Simon Wolf O L R specialist (08-11-23)

I got an email from Elton Dinga in which he had the news that the Hoosier Classic race had been won by a descendant of 'Thomas 6'.
First, a little clarification.
-Elton Dinga is originally an Albanian, has been living in Texas USA for many years, and has also been a fanatic participant in One Loft Races for many years.

 -The Hooser Classic Race is a prestigious One Loft Race in America.

 -Thomas 6' was once Winner of a O L Race, afterwards numerous descendants won or scored early prizes. 'Thomas 6' is in turn a descendant of Romario.

And everyone, even in all corners of the world where they are a bit familiar with One Loft Races, knows it. An iconic pigeon is Super Romario.
He was bred by HJ Hallmann Germany out of a couple of this writer (A S) and became a legend in the world already during his lifetime.

Illustrious breeder Romario, another line of Ace Four, is often described as the best breeder there has ever been for One Loft Races, anywhere in the world.

Dutch Henk Simons, also a passionate 'One Loft Racer' was so impressed by what Romario produced that he wrote a series of articles about it in pigeon magazine De Duif and which you can still read on his site 'Pigeon Fever'.

If you read it you will admint: The number of descendants of that one pigeon, Romario, that has won One Loft Races or that have performed remarkably in it is bizarre.


I mentioned Elton Dinga. He can't participate in regular races, but is doubly fanatical when it comes to OL Races.
There are more and more like him in America, and it seems like all over the world: That means fanciers who only keep pigeons to participate in One Loft Races.
Interest is also increasing in Europe and more and more are races are coming worldwide, even in the heart of Africa.
Strangely enough, not in the Netherlands or Belgium, but that's a separate story. Just like the demise of the first famous O L race (the one million dollar race in South Africa) is a different story. Ruined because of financial manipulations, it is said.
The Corona crisis is said to be blamed. 
What is striking in these races is that it is not Dutch or Belgian pigeons that dominate as you would expect, often German pigeons.
A striking name in recent years is a Swiss pigeon fanicer, but he has also been successful with German pigeons, more specifically with descendants Romario. Again!  
His name is Simon Wolf. He woes his successes to a unique collection of descendants Romario in his lofts.


He started with Show Pigeons, in 2014 he had his first racing pigeons. His best friend was National champion in Switzerland with racing pigeons, but unfortunately he died in 2012. Then Simon only thought of racing pigeons instead of show pigeons. 
He read a book of Eijerkamp and that meant a definite start.
Already in 2015 he started to participate in OLR but only very few because he had only 2-3 pairs. In Switzerland he does not participate in the traditional races.
To be successful you have to invest a lot of time he says and unfortunately he does not  have this time. His love for pigeons and pigeon sport did not diminish. So it was kind of logic that he became an O L Racer. Under the name Alp Race Team. But his fantastic results were less logic.

Swiss Simon Wolf, very successful O L Racer

 His 10 best results: 
Alp Race Team himself:

1st place Final Race Winner Talent Quatro 2023, 509km/ 853p
1st place Ace Pigeon German Classic Race 2020
1st place Final Yearlings Derby Moledo 2018, 1st As Pigeon Middle Distance
1st place Hot Spot 1, Avirings OLR 2023, Team Weijers-Wolf, 120km/ 1724p
1st place Thailand Masters Season 2022 - Hot Spot 1, 210 km
1st place winner Semifinal Zagreb 2022
3 Super ASS Pigeon, Talent Quatro 2023 FCI Final (Semifinal) Talent Quatro 2023, 410km/ 1114p

 Simon Wolf has achieved Champion status in the FCI in 2019:
1 Champion FCI with 2 Best Results 2019
4 Champion with 4 Best Results 2019
2 Champion with 2 Best Results 2019 and 2020

2016- European Champion FCI with a Pigeons from Simon for Bucher Bühler One Loft Race Mira 2016.

Other racers with successes with the Wolf pigeons:

1st place Big Winner, Semifinal Golden Algarve Race 2023, 296km/ 3941p, 
                Winner of 60`000.00 Euro
1st place Final Race Edirne Golden Cup 2023, 429p 505km
                30 Minutes Difference tot he second Bird.
1st place winner Final Race Sofia 2022
               Winner of 20`000.00 and sold at auction for 17`000.00 Euro
1st place winner Final South Bulgaria 2022
               Winner from 15`000.00 Euro
1st place winner Semifinal Golden Algarve Race 2022
                Winner of 50`000.00 Euro


Right now he has have 24-28 breeding pairs for in OLR.
Among them a  son Romario 199 and the daughter Romario 911 and some 
grandchildren as well as some double grandchildren Romario. He bought the children by chance before I knew how great the offspring flies.
It was luck, he says. They were not bought directly from Hallmann.
He currently participates in about 12 races One Loft Races a year, his favorite is the Golden Algarve Race. Because the pigeons are very well cared for in his view and few get lost. The loft over there is nice and good, and the climate super. 
He sends his babies when they are 8-10 weeks old and prefers first flight thrown. 
He has no website, therefore he appreciates publicity on him.
He also says how much he appreciates the advice from breeders who have been doing this for a long time. It also helps to choose the races.
The money you can win should not be in the first place, moreover it is very difficult to win. What make him happy is the joy of the hobby and the admiration of the birds that can make it home even under difficult circumstances.