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Articles English 2023

Naive people sometimes (03-10-23)

Sometimes the alarming thought occurs to me that the naivety of many sportsmen has no lower limit.

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Each a touch of sadism (23-09-23)

Yes, sorry. Again, I'm stuck with something from earlier years in my head

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My 10 commandments (22-09-23)

I saw a cool video on tv about the novice fancier Jense Brosens.

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Absurdism (17-09-23)

Absurdism? No, I don't belong to that movement, although I sometimes have the tendency. Especially last July 16th

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Fanatic and lazy (30-08-23)

I have been able to visit many 'pigeon champions' over the years, mainly because of the writing

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Fairer (28-08-23)

'Pigeon sport is the most unfair sport that exists', you sometimes hear. I had to think about that after reading the email below after the National race from Issoudun in the Netherlands

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Again errors and mistakes (25-08-23)

You wouldn't say it, but quite a few fanciers still start with pigeons. Especially in Belgium and in the north of the Netherlands, it seems.

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True and false (15-08-23)

Talking pigeons with sports companions, it can be fun, sometimes less so. You hear great wisdom, huge nonsense and sometimes you don't know what to think.

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Heard and read again (19-07-23)

Ludo Claessens was controversial at the time, but as a pigeon man driven and above all skilled. Rarely have I known fanciers who could grade pigeons so well and who also selected so rigorously.

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Iran and stuff (10-07-23)

Little is known about Iran in the Netherlands and Belgium. “An Arab country” is mentioned by almost everyone and that is FAR FROM correct. In fact it is stupid.

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There is work t be done (05-07-23)

“Visit for you,” said my wife. The 'visit' was already sitting in the gazebo in the garden with his bicycle next to him, another one from the time of Napoleon, it seemed.

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That one column

Why do you think some people play with 75, 100 or even 200 pigeons or more?

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Interesting again (13-06-23)

Some won't care, but I think it's worth it: The behavior of our pigeons on their way home.

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Another sound 1 (25-05-23)

The still free young successful and above all ambitious fellow sportsman had an appointment with a vet in Belgium

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The road not taken (24-05-23)

Every year in May, the thought of another birthday horrifies me. Because of another year.

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