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Articles English 2023

Get rid of them (12-05-23)

P said he was a fan. He has been racing with pigeons for about 10 years now and has a question

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Talented (09-05-23)

In pigeon sport you sometimes hear 'you either have it or you don't'

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Garlic no longer controversial (04-05-23)

Someone from an 'emerging pigeon country' had a question about garlic. He was not the first to want to know what pigeon fanciers here thought about garlic.

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Abroad (25-04-23)

He will certainly not have had any bad intentions, but of course he was wrong when that editor-in-chief once wrote that our sport was on the rise in Poland and Romania.

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References (14-04-23)

Every year A Schaerlaeckens donates some vouchers for a couple of eggs.

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Ode to 90 year old Jan (11-04-23)

Jan may be close to 90, but he still is an example, a voice and an optimist.
At the time, he was immediately in favor of electronic clocks and with that he surprised everyone. ‘Aren’t older people stingy?


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Drinking water preferably pure (05-04-23)

I don't know about you, but, you might not believe it, the condition of the pigeons has an effect on my mood

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No nonsense (2) (02-04-23)

No gibberish (2)

 Is the loft important? 'Very important', many say. But oh, poor pigeon fancier who is searching

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No nonsense (1) (29-03-23)

Especially through writing I came into contact with a lot of real top players.

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Advise and mantra's from A S (23-03-23)

  1. Many fanciers attach too little value to quality and too much to often trifling details.

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Schaerlaeckens birds Unbelievable again (21-03-23)

2022 was also another great year for Ad Schaerlaeckens and his manager Roger. Shining in the Middle Distance.
An article about their astonishing results again in 2023 was published in Magazine De Duif. See below.

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Guys who are different (07-03-23)

There are visits that you remember for a long time. Because they were so special or, because that also happened, educational.

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Interesting 26--2-23)

I don't read many loft reports, simply because they are so boring. Always talking about that darkening or mating ‘good with good', I get tired of it.

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Not doing well (23-02-23)

In pigeon sport you sometimes hear: 'Whoever makes the fewest mistakes becomes champion.' And also

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Advice and slogans (20-02-23)

  1. Many pigeon fanciers attach too little value to quality and too much to trivial details.

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