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Articles English 2023

No future (17-02-23)

Someone who did a lot for his pigeons but had trouble getting good results had asked me to take a look at his pigeons.

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Succesful pigeon racing (Part 4. 11-02-23)

How does someone manage to be dominant in the races for half a century without interruption and also provide countless people with quality pigeons?

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Strange fellow fanciers (25-01-2023)

Friday morning January 20, 2023.

It is snowing heavily outside. I used to kill time updating pedigrees.

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Good intentions (14-01-23)

New Year.
At the time, I had resolved not to be annoyed by anything.

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Trichomoniase, grit and money (10-01-23)

I wrote about that fancier who complained that his pigeons did not like grit.

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Feminist (10-01-23)

Feminist (06-01-2023)

'What? Does your father-in-law have pigeons? Eeeeiik.' 


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Young bird racing (part 3) (02-01-23)

Seats in a young pigeon loft should also be seats. In some lofts you can still see those so called chapels

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