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A, B, C and D (april 4th 2017)

A strange headline, I know, and it needs some explanation indeed. The letters A, B, C and D stand for the names of fanciers. I prefer not to mention their real names, since I do not want to hurt people or their business. Just want to open eyes.


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The longer I am in this sport and the more familiar I became with great champions

the more sceptical I became concerning additives and all kinds of stuff to support.

Good pigeons in a good loft in the hands of a good handler is what matters.


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Not in the mood

More mails than I get now I actually don't want to get. Nevertheless, I answer them as much as possible. It is already hard enough to contact me by phone and I do not want to lose more fans (lol).

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20-02-17 18:13:59: Ad Schaerlaeckens:

Omar thanks,




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Here we go again (febr 19th)

Unbelievable how much stuff there is on the market to ‘increase the health of pigeons’, or like they say ‘to make pigeons fly faster’. The shelves in the pigeon stores are filled with all kinds of boxes, bottles, powders, lotions that all promise the same thing: Successes !


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The lesson of 2 magic birds (Febr 9)

Crazy money foreigners pay for pigeons. Especially when names like Harry, Olympiad, Rudy, Kaasboer, Vandenabeele, Kannibaal, Kleine Dirk, Geerinckx and others are involved

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The quiet American (31 January)

Every now and then I hear complaints from disappointed foreign fanciers, especially from America. It is in the nature of Americans to be optimistic, to fight and not to give up when they want to achieve something.


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A little bit of respect

Just when I was wondering what to write next, something interesting enough to captivate the readers, Karel knocked at my door. Karel is one of the persons responsible for releases, and he was showing the strain of it. He really looked upset. "Come in, Karel," I said.

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Check it out

I once wrote: ‘A 1st prize or a good result does not mean much to me. I want to know against whom these results were achieved. Tell me against whom you race and I will tell you how good your birds are.’

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The good and bad news show of today

I have been walking around for a while with the idea to send Filip Norman a letter. He reads several newspapers every day and I do not know if that is good.

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Breeding good pigeons (part 2 of 2)

Breeding good pigeons       (part 2 of 2)

 It seldom happens that two pigeons out of the same nest are both good racers. But, if this happens, if you have such a pair of birds, cherish them! There is a real chance those birds are good racers as well.



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Breeding good pigeons (1)

We all know that breeding good pigeons is also a matter of good luck. Okay, you need good birds in the first place to breed more good birds, but the problem is that good birds produce shit birds as well. Even far more than good birds.

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