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References 2020 at long distance (Nov 20th)

References Schaerlaeckensbirds only at LONG DISTANCE  only in 2020.

 - Albert Derwa won 1st National Argenton with a bird that is partly my blood via WdB.

 - Andre Roodhooft won 1st National La Souterraine (9.469 p) with partly my blood.

(off spring ‘Den Ad’ Marcel Wouters).

 -In Netherlands Verkerk won 1st S National NPO Vierzon (9.031 p) with off spring Bubbels, a bird he got from me.

 -In Belgie F van Hees won 1st National Issoudun 10.603 old birds. It was fastest of all 28,770 pigeons, my bloodline in it.

 -FROM THE SAME RACE Eric Reynen en Brian won 1st National from the yearlins (18.176 p) off spring from my birds through Berry v d Brandt.

 -Ebben won 1st National S3 Chateaudun 12.551 piogens with child of a bird called ‘Indy’ that he got from me. ‘Indy won 6 x 1st Provincial. Off spring Home Alone.

 -Jespers v d Wegen won 1st Prov. Chateauroux, 2.119 pigeons. Two of my birds in pedigree.

 -Frans Rutten won 1st National S 1 Issoudun against 12.191 birds. The same pigeon also won 1sdt S National NPO against 12.457 birds. Off spring Sissi, like Derwa).

 Jan Hooymans won 1st National Argenton in Belgium, 26,085 pigeons. This bird was the fastest of 42.847 birds. Descends from Schaerlaeckens loft through Kennes.

  So this is ONLY from 2020 at LONG DISTANCE.  I myself only race Middle Distance, but the birds can easily handle 700 tot 700 kms. Of course the winning birds were not PURE Schaerlaeckens, but one or more of their ancesters came from my loft.