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Articles 2024 (English)

Wasted time (28-06-24)

18% of adults would still be smoking now, in 2023, the majority women. Well, 'in my time' it was different.

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At Daniels results speak (28-06-24)

We didn't know that racing with hens can perform so well from books, as practice has shown.

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Better in the past ?

What I can still remember from my childhood is very little and... There is not a lot of good in that.

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Booze, rivalry and more

If you blindly accept everything that people want you to believe in pigeon sport, you have to possess an elastic mind.

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Fabels (28-05-24)

'Fabels' is the name of a kind of roadside restaurant in the area. I sometimes go there for coffee after a walk in the nearby woods.

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The chicken or the egg (24-04-24)

Usually a ten-minute chat is enough to be able to say whether someone has talent as a fancier or whether he is a fiddler and will remain so.

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A Dutchman in Belgium (11-04-24)

Everyone has those moments when things aren't going well for them

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Nostalgia (10-04-24)

I say it often, I think a lot about the past. Maybe too much

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Not too fast (06-04-24)

Not all vets are the same. Of course I'm talking about veterinarians who specialize in pigeons

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Together we know more (15-03-24)

If you play well and some even read your pieces, that does not mean that you know much anything about pigeons.

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Predict (07-03-24)

'What is good comes quickly' is a frequently used expression, also in pigeon sport.

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Watch out in spring (07-03-24)

It is well known, many older people often think back to the past with nostalgia.

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A double colission (26-02-24)

The fog thickened and thickened despite a bitterly cold wind.

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A striking Statement (26-02-24)

We all know, not all championships are the same

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Not true (14-02-24)

My attention was drawn to an article by N.

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