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A striking Statement (26-02-24)

We all know, not all championships are the same. There are some that hardly mean anything, for others you only have a chance with special results, or…good pigeons.
-Championships without significance are those for which only the first clocked pigeons count and it does not matter whether it is the 90th or 1st nominated.
Or championships where it doesn't matter if 20% of your pigeons win a prize or 80%.
-A highly appreciated, prestigious and highly regarded championship is that of Sportblad de Duif. 'The Golden Pigeon Competition' in the vernacular.
Geurt Doppenberg became the Golden Pigeon winner in 2023.
Geurt and his family are all about pigeon, but it wasn't always a bed of roses in his life either. When he was struggling with his health, a doctor had asked him what kind of medication he was taking. The doctor was shocked and advised him to throw everything out of the window that was not really necessary.
It turned out to be a golden advice. From then on he felt a lot better and why wouldn't you be able to extend that to pigeons, thought fancier Geurt.
From then on, the use of medicines was limited to what was strictly necessary and that also had an amazingly positive influence on the pigeons.
Champion Doppenberg who claims that performance improved significantly with fewer drugs has a striking statement about this:

You have to give your pigeons what they need, but maybe more important: Don't give them what they do NOT need. This applies to medicines and supplements.

While most of the sport's fellow athletes pay a lot of attention to the weather when they go to train youngsters, Doppenberg is different. Winners are right, and that's why his idea: Start teaching youngsters on time, do it frequently in all directions and especially under difficult circumstances.
Strong winds, showers are difficult conditions and... also clear weather.
It is indeed true that lots of youngsters get lot in a cloudless sky. It speaks for him as a craftsman. He also claims to have no knowledge of pigeons, which puts him on a par with almost all champions.
Many of Geurt's star racers stem from W de Br pigeons via the v d Pasch family. Could butcher Jan have suspected at the time that the trip to Reeuwijk would have such major consequences? Think hoped for but not suspected.


 For those who believe in eye sign. One of the best breeders ever:
Young Merckx from Janssen Bros.