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English Articles 2016

A relief

There are quite a few things I can't stand. Waiting is one of them.

Whether it's in a traffic jam or at the dentist, I find it a waste of time.


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The flock

The ‘flock’ as well

 May 28th 2016. In the province of Antwerp Belgium were the following races:

  • 3 Races from Quievrain 120 km. Old, yearlings, youngsters.
  • 3 Races from Noyon 220 km. Old, yearlings, youngsters.
  • Two races from Souppes 380 km. Old and yearlings.
  • Two races from Bourges 500 km. Old and yearlings NATIONAL
  • Two races from Limoges 620 km. Old and yearlings NATIONAL.

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Sometimes so strange

September 9th 2016.

Last Saturday we in Belgium had our last Middle Distance race from Souppes, about 380 km. I finished another very successful season with 1st prize

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What you need to know (3) August 29th

It seems as if one pigeon disease is slowly disappearing, while another is coming up. Canker is far less a problem than it used to be, despite alarming noises you could hear for many years.


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Food for thought 2 (august 23rd)

There was a report about a real super pigeon on a Belgian website. It had such great performances that I was much surprised that the bird was still in Europe

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Misconceptions and blunders

Misconceptions and blunders Medical issues you better leave up the vet. At least if he is a man that is specialized in pigeons. Because indeed, own initiative has often led to even bigger problems than were already there.

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See what I mean? (August 2nd 2016).

Did you read my previous article? That true story? This story is a kind of follow up.


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A true story

I know, dear reader, the story below may sound unbelievable, but it is true. Or maybe about

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2016: What a year

Never ever before did I hear fanciers complain so much as this year.

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Strains, names and eyes

When somebody in Holland or Belgium races outstanding the result is that foreigners who are after good birds get interested in the pigeons of such a man.

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About Dutchmen, Belgians and others

I do not know how many foreign pigeonfanciers have visited me throughout the years but it must be close to a thousand.

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See what I mean?

In my previous article I again emphasized how naive many fanciers are.

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Good to know (4)


Preferably, always wear the same clothes when you work among the pigeons, and wear a cap.

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a must or a waste?

In the Belgian pigeon magazine �De Duif� was a report on Mr. van Beers. He was described as the best of Germany in 2015.

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So strange

The mystery of the yellow peril.

 Never ever will I forget the problems I that I faced when raising babies long way back. The name of the problem was canker, trichomoniasis. And I can tell you: It was not a little problem.

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