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yet again

"Duifke lacht” is a sympathetic pigeon newspaper with informative articles written by people who race well. Jaak Nouwen, Andre Roodhooft, Co Verbree are writers with a message.


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Do you understand (part 2 of 2)

In a previous episode, I was talking about incomprehensible things in our sport. Things that either others nor me understand. Is this a problem? On the contrary. It makes the sport even more fascinating.

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Do you understand (part 1 of 2)

f you write in pigeon magazines it is inevitable fanciers sometimes ask questions.Nothing wrong with it, as long as they do not expect too much from me. Take weaning babies for arguments sake:

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Loft visits

There are many reasons why young pigeons go missing; the main reason being lack of health.

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I stay away

For decades, I could boast of having no problems at all with Adeno / Coli. My youngsters were always tight and vital, so real healthy. How different this was with fellow fanciers.

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Always the dupe (21-06-2016)

The Chinese was playing with his tablet. It was on a Dutch site. How could he make sense out of it, I wondered. Are these guys still a bit smarter?


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A new season ahead

Now that I am writing this it is spring 2016. We have had 4 races, all of them with tailwinds. But such races are also races.

Hardly any birds got lost, and those few that did not return home must have hit a wire. With strong tailwind you run greater risks.

Some things that stood out.


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Affinity and more

In the pigeon sports magazine De Duif of March 2016 there were interesting loft reports on young Bart Geerinckx and Dutch Nico Volkens. I know them both pretty well.

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