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Real and not real

The "room auction" with 49 pigeons, bred by Boeckx, was in the little town of Schilde. I was surprised to see how many people were present. Apparently they had nostalgic feelings about the good old days, when there were lots of such auctions every weekend.

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If you write columns like I do you pick up a lot of experiences throughout the years. Many of them are a prey to oblivion but there are things that almost unconsciously be stored somewhere in the deepest recesses of your memory.

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Feeding and stuff

Ludo Claessens was somebody else but you cannot take away from him that he was a good pigeon man. And you better open your ears if such guys open their mouths.

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The pigeon columnist

Writing columns has changed my life. Earlier I noticed what an impact it has on people when you race well, but it could not compare in the slightest to being "a pigeons analyst".

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Clearance time

T is a pretty good friend of mine. He is pretty pigeon crazy and purchased pretty many babies of pretty many famous pigeons of pretty many famous fanciers.

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One of the many misunderstandings

Mr P had his pigeons checked by a pigeon vet. "Pretty much coccidiosis" was the verdict. And now he has a problem. Now early November, it is, after all, "moulting time" and then you should stay away from medicine is what you can read everywhere. Now P does not know what to do.

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In conversation with Andre Roodhooft

It"s not going well for the pigeon sport, unfortunately. What are emerging are the mega lofts, professional lofts, but despite that also... there is positive interest in the short-distance, or long middle-distance as they call it in Belgium

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The perils of the Internet

Internet; a hidden persuader. Mails I get really too many. I shrink back sometimes when I turn on the computer. I feel like being attacked when I see all those mails. Especially long-mails from names I never heard of I dislike.

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Food for thought again

Pigeons that we all dream about just do not exist. I mean pigeons:

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No B S

"Motivation is just nonsense. The birds are good or they are no good. They are healthy or they are not. All the rest is B. S." These are comments you sometimes hear or read.

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Good to know part 3

Most fanciers darken from 6 pm until 9 am, but because not everyone is home at these times the question is asked if there is another method. There is.

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Good to know part 2

Sedochol is a registered product (so it can"t be rubbish) with as main components methionine, choline and sorbitol. It is "for animals of which the digestion is aggravated or isn"t functioning properly, or when they have a bad moult and it is soothing for the liver.

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Releasing, training and more

Pigeons like order, although it doesn"t have to be so strict as some think. The late Nadia Houben for instance, liked unfailing precision.

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Help, the food is too cheap

I do not know the situation in Poland, Portugal, The UK, the USA and so on. But what I do know is that pigeon sport in Holland and Belgium is afflicted by mysterious losses of young birds today.

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Me and myself

I knew I had paid too much for "Son R " back in 2013, but I wanted it. Moreover the bird was pretty. Very soft feathers and a strong skeleton and that is what you need for long distance. And for long distance I had bought the bird.

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