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Ace Four Ever part 3

Ad Schaerlaeckens from Baarle-Nassau in the Netherlands is a real phenomenon in the pigeon sport. He received worldwide fame as a writer and as a pigeon racer.

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Ace Four Ever part 2

What kind of a pigeon was the NL08-1628683 from Ad Schaerlaeckens, many fanciers wonder. Was the bird just a chance product or was it something really special?

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Ace Four Ever part 1

A series of articles of me and my birds was published in the leading pigeon magazine "De Duif". Special attention was paid to "Ace Four". That is a pigeon of mine that is kind of historic.

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In conversation with Eijerkamp

Few pigeon fanciers can delight in as famous a name as Eijerkamp. In particular it was the formula, a pigeon of excellent descent as a bonus for purchasing furniture that gave Eijerkamp fame.

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Money rules the world

In my teens I had three passions: soccer, pigeons and ... I wanted to be the best in "all that I did". Soccer was my first love. In various school teams I was the best but at a slightly higher level not good enough.

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To blame or not to blame

December 2014. Everywhere the champions of the past season are celebrated. And  this winter will not be different from others. They are often the same people that climb the stages all over the country. How boring. But there were also surprises.

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A conversation with Rudi de Saer

If you ask fanciers who in recent years was the nation" s best at long distance in Belgium chances are great that the answer will be: Rudi de Saer from Ruiselede. That is also what I think and therefore I paid him a visit.

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Again q and a

In this article I will again answer questions of fanciers that may be interesting for others as well. That means; If I have an answer of course.

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A lot of B S

Two people told me I still looked pretty young. But this did not make me happy. Such things are only told to people that get older. The good news is that I learned a lot during all those years.

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For decades it was the Japanese who bought our pigeons. They preferred Dutch pigeons to Belgians and especially those that had proven to be good at the 2 day races.

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About time part 2

Many "bad trappers" are made so by the fancier who has little feeling for pigeons. Such a man does not calmly seize the pigeons but grabs or catches them roughly. A good handler is different. He is always himself and can always calmly grip a bird with one hand only.

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About time part 1

From the time that Ajax dominated the international football world and teams like Milan, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid went to Amsterdam with trembling knees I have liked soccer.  But times have changed.   

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"I close the meeting and wish you all a good season." Those are classic words that are usually spoken by the chairman after a club meeting. As a faithful priest who gives the blessing.

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Sometimes people say, "those who make the least mistakes will race the best" and it must be said, there"s something in there. Mistakes are, after all, made by all people that are not under the ground.

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Pavlof and stuff

How is it that man is the way he is? With all his different characteristics? Centuries ago people were discussing this.

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