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Articles 2021 (English)

Causes of failure (05-04)

The man who called had already invested a lot in pigeons, only bought from real top fanciers but without result. You hear a story like that more often

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Pigeons, people and Darwin (24-03-21)

Someone who had a lot of impact on my pigeon fancier life was Jos. He came here  for almost 40 years and has experienced quite a few things.

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Good or 'good?' (12-03-2021)

I read much less about pigeons than I used to and that has everything to do with becoming more critical as you get older

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Special pigeons (10-03)

Most of us once had pigeons or remember them because they were different for some reason.

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Also important (09-03)

Performance is what matters most in pigeon sport. For me as well. You do not want to know how many "tricks" were used, all with that one goal

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Maybe something for you? (27-02)

It has been years ago that, due to circumstances, I was only able to have the lights on for half of my pigeons the last few weeks before the winter breeding.

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