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Trichomoniase, grit and money (10-01-23)

Of course they like that, but they didn't eat that and that's quite something else. Also indicated why not. Gerard Tervoort and his partner became 1st Champion in the National Long Distance in 2022 and those men have understood the message.
In their lofts you will never find jars of grit.  They do that well, because the birds will not pick up on that while grit is still very important.
Better to give that 2 or 3 times a week in very small amounts. For example, in the  box that fits between thumb and forefinger. Now they may pick it up even earlier than the feed. Of course you can also put a grip under the feed.
Pigeons that do not win a prize sometimes feel weak. Maybe they didn't eat grit?

What applies to grit also applies to the mineral mixtures that are on the market under many names: Serve in very small quantities each time and do not leave in jars. It gets damp and again... then pigeons no longer eat it. 

"I have to turn off the lights in the loft of the breeders," said the fellow fancier.It was about 11:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m.). "You dare," I responded.  He again: 'I really don't look at those few cents of energy consumption.'
I fear problems for him. Manipulation with light and dark should be done thoughtfully.

The not so young among us certainly remember the nightmare that was 'trichomoniasis' in the 70's and 80's. Even veterinarians were slightly panicked. Sometimes a double dose of the drug no longer helped and people feared for the future a resistance that one could no longer control.
At the time, I didn't get a young big without a cure either.  But the dreaded disaster scenario did not materialize. The opposite happened, canker became less and less of a problem with more and more people who today no longer cure at all. 
Veterinarian N Wolff also paid attention to this phenomenon. According to him, the explanation was that there was hardly any cure outside the season. So that pigeons can then build up resistance.
Did it unconsciously dawn on the fanciers that protozoan multiply less in cold water? I say more often, exaggeratedly, but in addition:
- What you often cure against, you get.
- In countries where they do not know the drugs, they do not know the disease.
- With the drugs came the diseases.
This for what it's worth.