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Interesting as well (March 16th)

A lot of people had travelled from far and wide to the pigeon forum in Middelbeers in the south of the Netherlands and that was not really surprising. When fanciers like Koopman, Verkerk, Dr. Schroeder and Vercammen are present, you don't have just any forum.

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Interesting (January 28th)

Since internet more and more people feel like writing about pigeons and pigeon sport. That is fine, many fanciers would like to read and to learn. Unfortunately some of those self-proclaimed scribes envy each other and will never write positive words about colleagues.

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Judging (January 19th)

When I go to some of the few live auctions still available. I find It fascinating, to observe how some people handle the birds and how they look at the pigeon's eyes.

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2017 and the media (January 9th)

I walk around for a while with the idea to send Filip Norman a letter. He reads several dailies and I do not know if that is so good. I myself sometimes feel like reading no newspapers at all anymore and only watch nature films on TV.

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Old articles

In 2017 I wrote a series of 5 articles about Huyskens van Riel. The partnership is considered the best ever by many. All those who read it before were so enthusiastic that I decided to put all 5 articles on this site. You can read these and other articles at the articles 2017.

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